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Recommended Web Sites


  • Dave’s ESL Cafe-This site is a great resource for ESL students to practice grammar, learn vocabulary, and test reading comprehension.
  • BBC– Geared toward intermediate ESL students, this site offers excellent interactive English lessons that include vocabulary and quizzes.
  • About Education – For ESL Teachers and Students: Sign up for a daily English lesson delivered to your email, learn differences between British and American English, etc.
  • Quiz Hub – Love quizzes? Explore this Web site which has quizzes on lots of fun topics. Try the one on English prefixes.
  • English with Stacy – Video English Lessons; excellent for pronunciation and listening.
  •  Activities for ESL Students – Practice English using this site’s grammar and vocabulary quizzes and crossword puzzles.



  • EL Civics – Among other features, civics crossword puzzles and videos supplement US citizenship study materials. There are even photo tours of each of the 50 US States for the “armchair traveler.” Don’t miss this one!



  • Edufind – This site is a complete guide to English grammar, it includes detailed information on the rules of English usage.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing – All aspects of English grammar are covered in this detailed site, it also includes over 100 quizzes!



  • National Public Radio – Listen to a wide variety of interesting programs on current events, art, science, health, and more.
  • Randall’s Listening Lab– This site is packed with listening exercises that cover many topics on American culture and real life situations.
  • Voice of America – This site includes an excellent array of recorded news stories and include written transcripts that highlight and define key vocabulary words.



  • Sounds of English – Check out this helpful resource with pronunciation help (& audio).
  • American Rhetoric – For public speaking, in and out of ESL class. In the top 100 speeches section, listen (& watch video) of famous speeches including Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and President Kennedy’s inaugural address.



  • Idiom Site – This site contains an over the top list of common idioms and makes learning them a piece of cake.
  • Word Reference Forums – This is a fantastic resource for all language learners (not just English learners). Online dictionaries, a forum for questions, etc. A most helpful site!
  • Vocabulary quizzes from Merriam-Webster– Who knew a dictionary could be so much fun? It’s challenging and addictive!



  • Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Best site ever for learning to write in English. It’s not only for ESL students but is useful for American high school and college students also. Try it and you’ll become an “OWL” fan!

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