Tithing Allocation Guidelines



The purpose of the Tithing Allocation Committee (TAC) is to advise the pastor concerning requests for funding received by the parish from organizations involved in charity, evangelization, or education.  The TAC is formed under the Administrative Support Commission and is coordinated under the Service Commission.


1. The responsibility for disbursement of parish funds rests with the pastor.  The TAC provides a process of review and recommendation for the pastor to sense the heart and mind of the parish community regarding how funds designated for outreach should be expended.

2. Funding for the TAC program is determined as a percentage of the weekly collection.  Currently, this is set at 5%. A member of the Finance Committee monitors funds available for TAC consideration.

3. Funds will be recommended only for organizations that meet the qualifications for IRS 501c3 (tax exempt) status. Funding for advocacy organizations is not considered by the TAC.

4. Funding may be provided to parishioners who are pursuing individual mission activities providing the following requirements are met:

  • Must be a member of a registered parish family in good standing.
  • Must submit evidence of a valid sponsoring organization.
  • Must be applied only to a non-parish sponsored mission activity.
  • Requests are limited to one per fiscal year.

For trips 7 days or less, the standard grant will not exceed $200.

For trips 8 to 14 days, the standard grant will not exceed $400

For trips over 14 days, the requesting party may EITHER accept a $400 grant or submit an application through the normal Tithing Allocation process for possible higher funding.

5. Funding of Catholic organizations is preferred over non-Catholic or secular organizations with a similar purpose.  This does not preclude interdenominational groups.


1. The committee will meet four to five times a year. The TAC chairperson and the Pastoral Staff Member will work together to prepare agendas and schedule meetings.  A committee member will serve as secretary and insure that minutes are recorded and filed in the parish office.

2. Requests should be in writing, using the application form, which can be mailed, faxed or electronically submitted.  Exceptions to this rule may be entertained based on a request from the pastor or requests for less than $1,000 which are in writing from local organizations known to the parish.  If a sizeable amount is involved or other circumstances warrant, a request may be assigned by the chairperson to one or more committee members for personal investigation and report prior to a committee vote.  Copies of all requests will be distributed to committee members during the week prior to a meeting.

3. Requests recommended by the committee and approved by the pastor will receive funding by check. The work of the committee will be reported to the parish by several means.  Letters of thanks from grant recipients will be posted on the parish bulletin board, as space is available and appropriate. In addition, on an annual basis, a recap of the approved grant requests will be included in the weekly bulletin or the Maneline.

4.  The funds the TAC recommends go from St. Mark to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, and otherwise spread the Word of God in Virginia and beyond.  Thus the TAC is a deeply spiritual work; meetings will begin and end with prayer.


The Tithing Allocation Committee meets 3 times per year. All applications are due two weeks prior to the meeting dates listed below. The earlier you submit an application the better. Otherwise, your application may get pushed to the next meeting.

Applications will be considered in order of submission.

Scheduled meeting dates:

* mid-September 2023, mid-January, and mid-May 17, 2024.

Apply: Application form

Contact Bill Grossman at 703-938-1936 for more information.


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