St. Mark ESL Volunteer Responsibilities

1.                All teaching volunteers are asked to contribute to program management/administration; there are responsibilities to suit all schedules (offsite and onsite).

2.                We offer students an educational program requiring a sustained commitment and a reasonably predictable schedule; it is not a casual or “drop-in” program for volunteers.  Volunteers who travel extensively for work or pleasure during September-June should consider serving as substitutes rather than as regular weekly volunteers.

3.                Volunteers are asked to check their email accounts at least daily and to respond promptly when appropriate.

4.                Volunteers should endeavor not to miss class sessions, in order to provide as much continuity as possible for their class level.  Volunteers are expected to notify their team leaders and the program coordinator when there is a schedule conflict with an upcoming volunteer assignment.

5.                Team leaders are responsible for arranging substitute coverage and for ensuring that class reporting is timely and accurate.

6.                Teaching volunteers are requested to be onsite at St. Mark at least 15 minutes before the start time of their class (i.e. 7:45 PM for an 8:00 PM ESL class start).

7.                Lead teacher and co-teacher volunteers are expected to follow the textbook for basic curriculum and supplement with enrichment activities.  Lesson planning generally takes about an hour on average.  Lead teachers are also encouraged to share student “face time” with aides

8.                Lesson content should be politically neutral  (not partisan) and should not contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.

9.                After class reports are due within 24 hours of the class; the current format includes a short narrative email with a description of the class activities and an EXCEL attachment with the student attendance.

10.          Volunteer photographers take photos to document the program, to use for student and volunteer presentations, and for student outreach purposes.  Volunteers who do not wish to have their photos used for student outreach may request and submit an “opt out” form.

11.          While serving in their assignments, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that

–is lawful;

–is respectful of their students and fellow volunteers;

–safeguards the security of the premises used for classes.





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