ESL Pre-Registration Form

To Register for one of the best ESL programs in the area is easy, simply:
  1. 1. Fill out the St. Mark Registration Form below AND
  2. 2. Come to the St. Mark Christian Formation Center on either Tuesday April 4 or Thursday April 6 to COMPLETE the registration process. You will need about 90 minutes to take a placement test and about $40 to $70 to cover the $25 registration fee and to buy a book (price ranges from $15 to $40, dependent on class level). We also offer additional enrichment classes of Writing, Conversation, and Citizenship preparation at a cost of $10 each, please note that you must register for an English class to be able to take one of our Enrichment classes. We accept cash and credit cards.
  • [ie. xxx-xxx-xxxx]
  • When did you arrive in the United States? (Cuando llego en los Estados Unidos? 언제 미국에 왔읍니까?)
  • What type of job do you have? (Que tipo de trabajo tiene aquí? 직업이 무었입니까?)
  • (select all that apply)
  • Emergency Contact Name (Nombre para una persona que se puede llamar si hay una emergencia con Usted 연락될수 있는 사람)
  • [ie. xxx-xxx-xxxx]
  • I give my permission for the St. Mark ESL program to use individual photos of me for the St. Mark ESL Facebook, Website, or any other format for outreach purposes. (Doy mi permiso para que el programa “Ingles como Segundo Idioma” de Saint Mark use fotos individuales de mí para el St. Mark ESL Facebook, sitio web, o cualquier otro formato para dar a conocer el programa en la comunidad) 나는 세인트 마크 ESL프로그램이 내 사진을 세이트 마크 페이스북, 웹싸이트, 또는 다른 형태에 봉사 활동 목적으로 사용하도록 허락합니다. 我同意 St. Mark ESL课程用我个人照片在 St. Mark ESL Facebook,网页以及宣传印刷品上使用。
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