FlyerHeaderSpring2015Spring classes in English, Citizenship, Writing, and Conversation begin April 18, 2017. 2017。冬季成人英语课程(ESL,公民入籍辅导,写作和实用英语会话)将于2017年4月18日开课。地点:St. Mark Catholic Church, Christian Formation Center, 9972 Vale Road, Vienna, VA 22181
■ Registration Dates (注册日期):
– Tuesday April 4th , Thursday April 6th; from 7 to 8 p.m.
(4月4日星期二和4月6日星期四晚7时至8时). A placement exam will be given. 将有一个英语测试(用于分不同程度的班)。
■ Classes/课程: On TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, from April 18th – June 8th , 2017. English classes from 8 to 9:30 p.m. 2017。从2017年4月18日开始至6月8日结束。上课时间每周星期二和星期四,ESL班晚8时至9时30分上课。Citizenship, Writing, and Conversation from 7 to 7:45 p.m., same days。公民入籍基础知识,写作和实用英语会话晚7时至7时45分。
■ Where/地点: St. Mark Christian Formation Center, 2nd floor. – St. Mark Catholic Church, Christian Formation Center 2nd floor, 9972 Vale Road, Vienna, VA 22181。
■ Cost/费用: English classes: $25 (for 8 weeks of lessons). Citizenship, Writing, and Conversation: $10 (for 8 weeks of lessons). Book cost is extra where applicable. Cash and Credit/Debit is accepted for registration and books. ESL成人英语:$25(8 周课程)。公民入籍基础知识,写作和实用英语会话:$10(8 周课程)。课本另外购买。支付方式:现金和信用卡/借记卡。
■ Citizenship/公民入籍辅导班: St. Mark Intermediate and Advanced ESL students only. Includes one-on-one lessons and interview practice prior to citizenship exam. 要求中高级以上水平的ST. Mark学员。学员将得到一对一的私人定制面试辅导。
■ Writing/写作班: Intermediate 3 & Advanced St. Mark English students only. 要求中级3和高级以上水平的ST. Mark学员。
■ Conversation/实用英语会话班: Intermediate and Advanced St. Mark English students only. 要求中高级以上水平的ST. Mark学员。
■ Questions/任何疑问: Visit our Web page/请访问我们的网页:;或电子邮件至


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