How to Learn a New Language – Part 6

Posted on April 17, 2015

Do Crossword Puzzles! If you like puzzles, crossword puzzles are a good, fun way to broaden your understanding of English usage and your cultural knowledge. You can find many free crossword puzzles on-line or purchase a book of crossword puzzles. And they come in a wide range of skill levels. You can start at a basic/easy level to start to gain an understanding of some of the language that crossword puzzle creators use to try to confuse you. And you can move to higher, and higher levels of difficulty until you get to some that are just about impossible for an average person to solve. One trick when you are just beginning to do crossword puzzles is to do the “daily” puzzles, not the “Sunday” puzzles. Sunday puzzles are big and hard!


About the Author:

Ed Mize is the team leader for the Intermediate 1 class. He has lived in Korea, Japan, and the UK, and speaks Korean, Japanese, and English. Next on the list: Chinese!

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