The Service Commission’s goals are to create an awareness of and commitment to Christ’s social message as reflected in our actions and response to the needs of others. Committees in the Service Commission reach out from the parish community to those in need beyond our boundaries. The programs of the Commission provide opportunities for parishioners to act upon their faith by caring for others directly, by working with organizations and agencies who serve the poor and the vulnerable, and through advocacy at the local, state and national level.


As people of faith, we need to know that it’s not enough to just love and do good works ourselves. It is our responsibility and part of our calling as disciples to urge those around us to lives of charity and unconditional love. By our words and, more importantly, by our actions, we must challenge others to lives of service as an essential way of drawing nearer to God.

Bill Grossman, Pastoral Associate | 703-938-1936 |

Denise Argote, Secretary | 703-938-1936 |

Helen Cascio, Service Chairperson 703-242-2538

How can I help those in need, right now

* Donate furniture/household items OR come shop at Capital Caring store called Twice as Nice

* Comfort Zone Camp Volunteer to help Children who have lost a loved one

Food Pantry Volunteer for  Western Fairfax Christian Ministry

* Food for Others Food Warehouse help

Help with our monthly Donut Sundays at ST. MARK. Contact Ann Brinkmann 703-281-2322

* The Lamb Center Homeless shelter Day drop in

* Help a Child in need through CASA – Lift up a child

Help with our ESL program

* Volunteer Opportunities for Youth 2016

*The Northern Virginia Senior Citizen Advocates 2016

Donate Goods to local charities through our Matthew 25 Collection During the month of October we are focused on restocking the needs of the our local organizations helping pregnant women. Thank you!!

Volunteers Needed at FACETS (Fairfax based organization helping low income families)

*Volunteers Also Needed through the Fairfax County Government

*Foster Care for children in need

* Maybe you would like to start a new Service Project/Program

* Make Sandwiches, Cook for the homeless, package goods for our Troops overseas, help children at Fairfax Hospital, and more!!….see the ministries in need of help, below!!!!

Blood Drive Children in Need of Smiles Christ House
Christmas Giving Tree Christmas Giving Tree – Adoptions Clothing Drive
Donut Sunday ESL FACETS Hot Meals
Food for Others Gift of Peace – Embry Rucker Shelter Hypothermia Shelter
Lamb Center Monthly Sunday Sustenance Social Action Linking Together (SALT)
Supporting Our Troops Transportation for Those in Need West Virginia Furniture and Household Outreach



These are held two times per year to help Inova Blood Donor Services provide a safe and adequate blood supply for our area. Please consider giving the gift of life! Volunteers are needed to help after Mass to sign up donors, staff the drive as well as donate blood.

Next Blood Drive date at ST. MARK is:

December 4, 2016

Maureen Barrett703-251-0447|         
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CHINS (Children in Need of Smiles) is an organization created to replenish new items needed for sick children and their families at Inova Fairfax Children’s Hospital.  Our mission is to provide comfort, support, and smiles to these children with the help of your donations and your time.  Volunteers are needed to help sort donations, assemble care packages, and deliver the packages.  Another volunteer opportunity is to knit and crochet hats for the children.
Click here to visit the CHINS website

Click here to visit the most recent CHINS Newsletter

Jennifer Allison | 703-938-2176 |

Ann Paniszczyn | 703-281-4144 |

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The Christ House is a shelter for homeless men in need of health care. Every third Sunday of the month, ST. MARK is committed to providing a hot and nutritious lunch. There are two ways to participate: 1) purchase food and bring it to the kitchen at ST. MARK or 2) drive w/ the food, prepare & serve lunch to guests at Christ House. Additional food providers are needed.

Sarah Scholle | 703-727-7073 |     

Alyce Coppage | 703-385-8742 |

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Thank you all who contributed gift to our local organizations and for those of you who helped make this all happen!!

* Giving Tree organizations in need of items for Christmas that benefited from your generosity!!..thank you!!

Through the Giving Tree, volunteers provide the ST. MARK community an opportunity to spread the joy of Christmas to the disadvantaged in an organized gift gathering and delivery project.  Most work on the Giving Tree takes place between November 1 and mid-December and includes contacting charities about their needs, making tags for the tree, putting up and decorating the tree in the Narthex, organizing incoming gifts for delivery to charities and families, and delivering gifts.

Carolyn Peterson | 703-281-3941 |

Nancy  Willis | 703-255-2281

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You can get a wish list from a child, an individual or a family through this process. Help is needed prior to and collection day to sort and deliver gifts.

Nancy Dunaway | 703-758-8142 |

Mary Lou McIntire | 703-938-4276

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CLOTHING DRIVE-Annual Thanksgiving Collection

The Clothing Drive is a great family ministry that supports many local charities in the Washington, D.C. area. Help to sort and pack donated clothing on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving Day.  Help with organizational tasks prior to the Drive. Help with small deliveries in your pick up truck or minivan after the drive. We invite all parishioners to contribute with the clothing they no longer find useful.  Mens casual clothing is our biggest need.

Paul Renard | 703-255-1438 |

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This Service Ministry is headed by a ST. MARK parishioner and high school student, Jack Stonerock. We collect old computers, wipe out the old data and refurbish in order to give to someone in need. If you have an old computer or would like to assist in any way, please contact Sam!

Sam Giacinto | 571-309-2971
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I’m sure that you’ve seen or participated in (eaten) a donut or two at one of our monthly Donut Sunday events in the Cassidy Activities Center. Would you like to help? Each event is sponsored by one of the many ST. MARK ministries/groups under the guidance of our leader, Ann Brinkmann. Some groups don’t have enough volunteers to handle the event and call on other volunteers to pitch in. Please consider raising your hand to help in this easy and fun event. Contact Ann for more details.

Ann Brinkmann | 703-281-2322 |

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Prospective Volunteers picture

On an annual basis, this ministry offers English language/citizenship preparation instruction to hundreds of adult learners at various proficiency levels. No foreign language skills are necessary for most positions.  ESL teachers and aides generally volunteer one evening a week, either Tuesday or Thursday, and classes meet in the ST. MARK Christian Formation Center. Time commitment for weekly volunteers averages 2-3 hours per week (September – June).  Volunteers are also asked to help with program administration by participating in student registration, publicity, hospitality, student recognitions, and other program-wide functions.  Others serve as occasional substitutes or assist with the summer program.  Volunteers attend training, plan lessons, and report on attendance and classroom activity via email.

Monica O’Keefe | 703-980-9380 |

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Our next gathering to cook and deliver dinner to the homeless is set for Monday, November 28, 2016. Please help!!

The ST. MARK Hot Meals team prepares 130 meals for the homeless and delivers them to sites in Fairfax six times a year:  the fourth Monday of alternate months starting in January.  We prepare the food at Fairfax Presbyterian Church in the City of Fairfax.  The cooks prepare and package food from 3:15 to 5:45 pm, then the drivers deliver the food from 5:30pm to 7:15pm.  The drivers should have vehicles.

Ann Ramish | 703-242-4253 |

Mary Purdy | 703-385-9572 |

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Deliver food from the Merrifield Warehouse to site on Draper Drive in Fairfax on Monday or Thursday evenings. Volunteers are also needed to assist at the front desk at the Merrifield Warehouse to greet clients, to pick up food donations from local grocery stores, and to help stack shelves. New volunteers are welcome! Please visit the website at

Anne Suter Zimmer | 703-273-0952 |

Food for Others Direct Number | 703-207-9173

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GIFT OF PEACE Embry Rucker Shelter

ST. MARK delivers lunch on the first Thursday of every month to help feed the homeless in Fairfax County at the Embry Rucker Homeless Shelter in Reston, Va. Some volunteers prepare a portion of the meal, others provide the menu items that do not need cooking; and still others deliver the meal and serve at the Shelter. Contact Diane Smith or go onto Sign Up Genius to volunteer: Sign Up Genius

The schedule through the rest of 2016 is November 3 and December 1, 2016!!

2017 schedule is: Jan. 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, Apr 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2 and Dec 7

Diane Smith | 703-620-0629|

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Thank you for your gifts of time, treasure, and talent which keep our homeless neighbors safe each winter.

Each winter, FACETS and area faith communities offer safe places to sleep and nutritious meals to men and women who are homeless. During the coldest months, area churches take turns opening their doors at night for one week.

While ST. MARK does not shelter in our own buildings, for several years we have helped with the FACETS Hypothermia Shelter Program in nearby churches. ST. MARK volunteers provide a hot dinner or two, a warm welcome and a safe place to sleep indoors for homeless single adults.

Volunteer time commitment varies by location, but typical tasks would be to prepare and deliver part of a dinner, transport guests in a FACETS van, visit or play cards with guests, or several hours to keep watch in the shelter for a quiet nighttime shift. The shelters are run by professional staff, and volunteer training is free. All in-shelter volunteers must be 18 or older.

Diane Smith | 703-620-0629|

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Has God been calling you to serve the poor in our community? An ecumenical ministry to the poor and homeless, the Lamb Center is a place where Christians pursue whole, loving relationships with men, women and children who know too little of real hope. The Lamb Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm and from 9am- Noon on Saturday. The storefront location is at the Fairfax Circle. Volunteers assist staff in serving breakfast and lunch, doing laundry, answering the phone and welcoming guests.

Paul Braun | 703-620-3651 |

Annette Kane |

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MONTHLY SUNDAY SUSTENANCE – Amount of food prepared/delivered, year-to-date

One piece of lunch meat, two slices of bread, and one slice of cheese is all that it takes to make the world of difference in the life of the working poor who struggle to make ends meet with soaring housing prices, utilities, and other daily expenses in Fairfax County.  On specific Sundays of each month, volunteers help to bridge that gap by making sandwiches for these families.  Our donations go to Embry Rucker Shelter and the Lamb Shelter which then distributes the sandwiches.  This year round ministry is run on the contributions from sandwich makers of two loaves of bread, one pound of cheese, and one pound of lunch meat.  We also welcome donations of food from those who cannot help that day.  This is a wonderful ministry for all people, but especially for those with children who can be involved in making the sandwiches and know that their efforts go a long way. Join us on these Sunday’s anytime between 9-10am in the Activities Center Kitchen.

Our 2016 sessions are scheduled for:  Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov, 20, Dec. 18

Our 2017 sessions are scheduled for:  Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 19, Apr. 23, May 21, Jun. 18,

Jul. 16, Aug. 20

Sandwich making in action!

Vimin Honigford| 703-242-5109|

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Social Action Linking Together (SALT) is a parish-based network of persons seeking legislation to aid Virginia’s low-income families, the incarcerated, the homeless, the working poor and their children.  SALT, a non-partisan legislative network for social justice, can inform you about critical human needs legislation. SALT’s alerts, workshops, and special events provide new and experienced advocates the tools to promote compassionate human needs programs. 

John Horejsi | 703-255-7074 |

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Christmas 2013

SOT Ministry Disbands.  The ST. MARK Support Our Troops (“SOT”) Ministry is pleased to announce that all but one of the parish loved ones serving in harm’s way will be returning home over the next couple of months, in time for the holidays.  The SOT Ministry wishes to express its heartfelt appreciation to the St. Mark parishioners for their support over the past eight and a half years. During that time, more than 3500 care packages filled with home baked goodies, healthy snacks, handmade cards, socks, hygiene items, books, DVDs, and hand-written cards and letters were sent to 273 service men and women from the parish deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan (including a good number who deployed multiple times).  We will continue to include on the parish prayer list any loved ones deployed in the future, but we are happy that our modest effort to express our deep appreciation for the many sacrifices of our Troops can come to an end now that they are all coming home. Best wishes, Mike and Dilian Deal.


Here is a thank you note from a Parishioner serving our country!!….and another note and One more!

Dilian Deal | 703-938-2339 |
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Drivers provide rides to people for necessary appointments. The riders are homebound people who cannot drive due to illness or age. The Shepherd Center of Oakton is an ecumenical group of volunteers working together to serve those in need in the Vienna, Oakton and Dunn Loring areas. Please contact the Shepherd Center of Oakton if you are in need of a ride OR if you are able to volunteer to be a driver!!

Shepherd Center of Oakton | 703-281-0538 |

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You will be called on several times a year on Saturday mornings to assist other volunteers in picking up donations from local parishioners, bringing them back to ST. MARK, and loading them onto a big truck that will haul these items to people in need in West Virginia. We collect furniture, household items, appliances and office equipment in good working condition. New volunteers welcome! We are in great need of volunteers with pickup trucks.

Sam and Kathy Althoff | 703-255-9273  

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THANK YOU for your generosity!!

Look what you’ve done, lately, to help those in need!!…thank you, St. Mark Parishioners!!


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